(Almost Post) Pandemic Fashion Tips in 2021

Pandemic fashion tips 2021

WOW. What a relief that the dumpster fire of 2020 is finally over. There are brighter days on the horizon! Soon, people will be able to emerge from their pandemic cocoons to see sunlight and their friends again. It even means that our beloved festivals will be returning to us (and us to them!). With that in mind, here are some post-pandemic fashion tips in case you haven't been paying attention (because who has bought anything but sweatpants in the last year?).

Statement Masks

Since no one can see your face, the next best thing is getting a fun mask. Breathability is most important for a night of dancing, but an added bonus if it can light up with 11 different modes! A perfect way to stand out at any event is with a unisex color changing festival mask. 

Snag The Neon Mask for you and your friends while the sale is still running! Sync your light color modes to stand out in the crowd. 

🔋 Rechargeable Battery (concealed in the mask)
⚡️ 4-6 Hour Battery Life
😁 Breathable & Ultra-lightweight for Long-wear Comfort
👂 Adjustable Elastic Ear Straps
♥️ Contoured mask design for comfort
🌟 Unisex fit

Light up unisex festival adjustable mask 

Sanitary Gloves

These Free People Gloves are for the fashion girls and are made for sanitary protection. Bonus that they are easily washable. Yes, please! 

Sanitary women's gloves free people


Mask Chain

Anyone else also rummaging through their bag for their mask? It always disappears when you need it most. Keep it strapped in a stylish way with a chain. When it's not in use wear it as a necklace! 

This 18K gold chain can be a great layered look to your everyday jewelry. 

Gold Mask Chain for Women

Hand Sanitizer Holder 

Sanitizer is a new staple, but when you actually need it you end up spending 10 minutes fiddling through your bottomless bag with your dirty little hands. Imagine this in a post-pandemic festival porta potty!? You're going to want a quick way to access your sanitizer that won't clash with your outfit. 

How cute is this sanitizer and holder from Etsy?

hand sanitizer holder clip for women's bag



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