Your EDC Style Guide: The Best Festival Fashion and Rave Outfits of 2021

EDC rave outfit 2021 women and men

Summer is coming. And that means festival season is already here. The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is approaching, and you’re so pumped getting ready to head to Las Vegas. If you’re one of the 300,000 people heading to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to dance your face off, see the sights and ride the rides, you probably have all of your essentials figured out - tickets, transportation, and hotel. Now, all you need to worry about is looking good and getting lit! Here’s our guide to the best festival outfit ideas so you can look and feel your best at one of the world’s biggest parties.


In the weird times we are living, we are going to need protection. This includes a comfortable festival rave mask perfect for any face. Don't get lost in the crowd with a boring cloth mask. Breathability is most important for a night of dancing, but an added bonus if it can light up with 11 different modes!

Snag The Neon Mask for you and your friends while the sale is still running! Sync your light color modes to stand out in the crowd. 

🔋 Rechargeable Battery (concealed in the mask)
⚡️ 4-6 Hour Battery Life
😁 Breathable & Ultra-lightweight for Long-wear Comfort
👂 Adjustable Elastic Ear Straps
♥️ Contoured mask design for comfort
🌟 Unisex fit

Light up color changing rave mask

unisex light up party rave mask


Extra Body Suits 

Remember: Comfort is king. It doesn’t matter how good you look if your cheap Chinese harness is cutting off circulation to your torso. Body suits are a go-to. Stand out in the crowd with sequins, reflective or holographic fabric, neon colors, or plain black with all the right cut-outs. Pair with some rhinestone tights or layer over a rhinestone mesh dress for some added shine.

Love this wild flattering rainbow body suit by LadyJaneBristol on Etsy.

 EDC rave outfit idea

Hight waisted bottoms

They keep everything tucked in and are easy to layer. Cut up a rock tee or throw on a bra for an easy look. If you have time, order some patches, studs or rhinestones and super glue onto your favorite old bralette or bra.

Animal prints are trending and we love how the metallic finish pops. 

high waisted festival bottom


Adhesive Face Jewels 

We love following youtube bloggers that do EDC makeup looks, but let’s face reality. You’re camping or squeezed in a hotel with a bunch of friends. The last thing you have time for is the 4-hour mermaid glitter look. Fortunately, face jewels are THE easiest way to shine bright like a diamond and look EDC ready. The good ones come with a single adhesive on the back for easy application, so just stick them on your face and you’ll have everyone thinking you’re a makeup artist.

Check these out available on amazon prime

 festival makeup

Metal Chain Clothing

Let your inner warrior rave princess come out by wearing festival clothing made from metal chains. It’s edgy and the perfect statement. I recommend layering them over something because after hours of sweaty dancing, the metal can be uncomfortable against our delicate lady parts. Make sure to accessorize with thematically appropriate pasties.

If Xena was a raver.

festival body jewelry



Love this full body chain. 

EDC top

Let’s talk shoes. LET ME REMIND YOU THAT COMFORT IS KING. Reflective Shoes are a fun way to stay comfy and stand out. As much as we want to wear cute boots or a heeled shoe, your feet with thank you after putting on a pair sneakers. EDC is all concrete and over 12 hours of partying the average raver at EDC walks 15 miles over the course of a night!

These shoes are everything

reflective festival sneaker


It cools down at night in Vegas and a light statement piece is a must. Never get lost from your friends with one of these light-up jackets. You can choose a signature style online or create your own design! You could get matching jackets for your whole squad. The jackets have 3 light modes and will be sure to get you noticed. 10$ of each online design goes to charity so you can feel and look good.

Shop online designs at The Neon Muse

The Queen of the Jungle



The Electric Lips jacket is a head turner.

festival jacket

Shop custom


Dear Men, we have not forgotten about you. Getting rave-ready without looking like a douche-canoe can be a challenge. So here are a few easy festival accessories that can stand alone or combine with pieces you may already own.

Sequins pants are for the confident guy. 

mens festival outfit

Want to get away from the generic tank top? Let me introduce you to the RompHim. It’s a romper for men -- whats not to love? They come in loud fun prints and have all the style points of womens romper, except you don’t have to get naked to pee. It’s easy, breezy, not too hot and not too sweaty. The romphim just makes way more sense.

Check out all these options from Goodstoworld and they are available on amazon prime for some last minute shopping. 

Mens festival outfit


Now, consider that you’re in a crowd of 100,000 people. If you want to ever see your friends again, they’re going to need a way to find you. A neon light up jacket is perfect for the group leader or to stand out at EDC. Your friends will always find you in the crowd. Just like the women’s EDC light up jackets, men can choose a design online or create their own design. Make sure to select rush shipping and choose an item we have in stock so that we can guarantee delivery by EDC! You can also pick up in Vegas, since we are based here. Contact us to confirm.

The Extra-terrestrial will beam you through space. 

 EDC mens outfit

Or make your own jacket here. If you get hot at night, ask us about our vests! 

See you stylin' at EDC! 

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